Toddler Story Time


The ‘Toddler Story Time’ program conducted by Bina Maria Mathews at the Childen’s Library was a huge hit with both parents and the young listeners who attended the session on November 17. The book we chose this time is the all-time-favorite – ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. This unique picture book with its cute illustrations and plenty of intrigue discusses the evolution of a butterfly. The plight of the adorable caterpillar was presented with lovely props, movements and interesting expressions. Kids and parents also enjoyed singing a bunch of nursery rhymes after reading the book together.


Word Play



This weekend, our young readers at Children’s Library had a lovely time taking turns to read from the book ‘Aditi Zoo’, authored by Amrut and beautifully illustrated by Kruttika as part of the Book Lover’s Program for Schools. The children could relate to the delightful story of the little girl who desperately wants a younger sibling and the interesting animals she brings home to handle the challenges her father sets for her. Then we had fun playing word games based on circus jobs and listening to the adventures of Minny the elephant who escapes from the circus. As always, we simply loved all the excitement and the happy buzz among the kids.

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Exploring in and around the sea

For our Word Play session this week, the theme was ‘Sea Life’. Stories about life in and around the sea are always exciting for children.



In our weekend program this week, the aim was to learn about some of the animals that live under the sea. Kids enjoyed talking about sea animals (big, small, long, colours, it has / hasn’t got legs etc).



This time, the listening practise was with an ocean themed fun song ‘Everything beneath the sea’. Kids were introduced to different sea animals through stories,games and songs. It was fun describing sea animals for children to guess.



The worksheet from British Council was full of interesting activities.

Day 2 – Word Play


Young writer and artist Malavika Thampi conducted a super fun story session at the library . She narrated the stories to the young children in such an interesting way, that all the children were charmed by her almost right away.


The thing about reading aloud to kids is that it goes so far beyond comprehension, it can be life-changing. They may forget the spelling tests and worksheets at schools, but they will remember the stories, the songs and the role plays forever.
The best part was watching the kids’ faces as they listened and interacted with our super-talented Malavika Thampi.


Our tiny tots had a great time with young and vibrant Malavika Thampi, who is doing her high school at Christ Nagar CBSE School. Thanks to her for accepting our invitation, preparing with enthusiasm and delivering a wonderfully engaging session at the library today.

Speak Out Session 2


Children were taught the basics of Public Speaking in a fun and relaxed manner by Renjitha Rajan, (active member of Nirbhaya Debating Society and Inter-college Debate Champ) at Session 2 of the Speak Out (Communication Development Workshop) at the Children’s Library. Her abundant energy, passion for the subject, encouragement, effective opportunities to practice and excellent feedback tips were appreciated by the children.


Word Play – Session 1


Learning to read isn’t all about phonics and literacy but also about exploring, delighting and laughing. As always, we at schoolkutti strive to make children fall in love with reading. Last saturday, we captivated our little Word Play participants with another magical story – A Tiger in the House,’ which was written by Indian author Ruskin Bond. The story centers around a tiger cub Timothy who was raised as a pet, but later taken to the zoo after he started acting more like a tiger. All the children agreed that it would be awesome to have a real tiger cub as a pet.


Role plays are the most preferred part of all our Word Play sessions. Kids really enjoyed pretending and acting out as the characters in the Little Red Riding Hood. At the end, we also had some fun vocabulary challenges and animal quizzes for each age group that motivated them to ponder over words and facts.

Another awesome session of Word Play

It was an awesome Saturday morning at Children’s Library. This week, we read a story about a child experiencing the joy of finding a bird’s nest in her garden and excitedly following every development till the young birds soar into the sky. It was narrated with a touch of fun, holding the attention of the children up till the end.

After the story time, we had a vocabulary game where each and every participant won a small prize for successfully guessing the word based on the clue provided. A worksheet on birthday theme for the little ones and a story writing exercise and comprehension for the seniors followed.

Finally, we discussed the life cycle of a butterfly and explored it through an informative song based video. Our bunch of lively kids made the session special and very interactive. Looking forward to next Saturday.

Day 1 of Word Play

Children should read for the sheer pleasure of reading and not for any other reason. How do you foster a love of reading for pleasure? At Children’s library, there are a lot of reasons for children to fall in love with books. Every Saturday, kids have fun reading stories, singing songs, doing role plays and honing their writing skills. This weekend, a sleepy and dull morning was transformed into a bright and cheerful morning for the children listening to the magical adventures of a little boy who went through troublesome times initially, but then had a happy life with his doting father.


Role playing helps to build up confidence in speaking, while having fun. This week, we had a great time acting out the ‘Chicken Licken’ Play Script. The book about Robots generated a lot of interest and sharing of facts. In between all this, kids also enthusiastically completed worksheets and word identifying activities.


Story Magic @Schoolkutti

Stories are powerful. They help inculcate values, teach interesting facts and entertain too! Our bright, young, eager children absolutely loved listening to Prabha Nair and Indulekha Tampi narrating stories and information about different kinds of parrots. For those lucky children who got to attend this fun and interactive story workshop on wildlife, watch amazing videos, learn so many wonderful things about parrots and finally get beautiful bookmarks made, it was a very, very special evening indeed!

Project based learning – Why and How?

“I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.” – Confucius

Why is it important to “do”? Aren’t facts and figures enough to take a concept home? It seems logical, but in reality, it is seldom the case.
Theory is important. It teaches us the basics. But for any of us, the best way to learn is by doing. And it is true for any kind of learning. For example, we can talk about the properties of fire and explain the intensity of its heat, but for us to really understand it, we will need to light a fire and stand next to it.

So it is with children. In fact, it is all the more important for children because the best way they learn is through their tactile senses. Logic and reasoning comes much later.
At The Wonder Years Preschools, we have been imparting Project based education for the last 7 years. Our KG children have to submit a project based on their Theme every week. The project is prepared at home by the children, with minimal assistance from parents,. They learn about it when they prepare the project and then come to class and present the project in front of the class.

Consider a project like “Uses of parts of face”. While they do this, they are developing in multitude ways, They prepare the project with their little hands (Fine and gross motor skills, Hand eye coordination, Spacial recognition, Logical reasoning etc), then they learn the project and as much information associated with it (cognitive development, associative and relative data management etc), then they come to school and present the project to the class (presentation skills, language development, confidence building, overcoming stage fear etc)


As you can see, there is so much that they can develop from a small little project. The more practical ways they learn, the better it is for children.

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