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Question asked: Are language problems something to be concerned about?

My 9 year old son does fairly well in school and is very good at maths, science, logical and non-verbal reasoning etc. He is also quite sociable and makes friends easily. However, his vocabulary in both English and Malayalam are very limited despite being exposed to a lot of books (he reads a lot but prefers comics and graphic novels). Often I think that he reads on without understanding the meaning. He has trouble expressing himself and cannot often report events, conversations etc. clearly. He also can't stay still for long and is quite fidgety. Is this something I should be concerned about or is it simply normal?


Question asked: My one year old baby always sit in the W-position

Dear Doctor, My one year old baby always sit in the W-position (sitting on both legs which is bent backwards). He tend to be quickly back to this posture whenever we try to make him sit in the normal position. Heard that it is not so good in developmental path. Is it so? If yes, how to tackle this problem? P.S: My parents said, I used to sit like this in my childhood..!! Please advise, Regards, A concerned mom...


Question asked: Baby wants attention all the time

My daughter is 8 months old. She wants to be picked up whenever someone is nearby and cries continuously if we put her down. What is the best way to handle this?


Question asked: How to make my son more focused on his task?

My son is 9 years old. He is slow in completing his school work because he gets distracted very easily. Please advise.


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