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Question asked: My one year old baby always sit in the W-position

Dear Doctor, My one year old baby always sit in the W-position (sitting on both legs which is bent backwards). He tend to be quickly back to this posture whenever we try to make him sit in the normal position. Heard that it is not so good in developmental path. Is it so? If yes, how to tackle this problem? P.S: My parents said, I used to sit like this in my childhood..!! Please advise, Regards, A concerned mom...

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The question is why your child always prefers the particular position- is it because he finds more comfort while adopting that position, or that other normal postures are difficult to attain for him. As long as his other milestones are normal (At one year he should be able to stand with little support and start to make his/her first steps), there is nothing that you should be worried about, especially since you also adopted the same position as a child. You have to also check whether he has difficulty in getting up from that position, as some children with muscle weakness do. If you find it apprehensive, I suggest you to get an opinion from a neurologist.


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