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Tesla Pedagogy Park
K.P. 12/920-A, Koottapara, Karakulam, Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, India.
The aim of Tesla is to provide a chance for the children to become talented in science. Tesla provides such a plat form with more than 150 experiments and more than 25 mathematical puzzles. The experiments are arranged in such a way that it covers the syllabus totally. Moreover Tesla provides the chance to get the fundamentals of these experiments in the syllabus as well as the extension of such experiments. It is the normal income of the teacher and sincere efforts of some previous students without expecting any income for them and their determination that lead to the establishment of the pedagogy park. They submit the pedagogy park with the expectation that the pedagogy park will provide a great chance for most of the students of Kerala .The Teslites are requesting the help and cooperation of teachers, students, the people and the government of the state for the better turnout and growth of the park.

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