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Opp Lutheran Church, Near GGHospital, Pazhaya Road, Medical College, Tvm
Medical College
Paadashala is an after school( also a Pre- Primary School, Summer camps) for students were they will be getting a chance to explore themselves by making them feel that they are home. We believe in providing a rich stimulating environment by using their skills and ideas to get geared. We also believe in creating an environment which encourages learning with all the five senses through which an infant's social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development are stimulated during multi-sensory experiences. It has been created to build confidence, knowledge in a fun filled environment to stimulate child development in areas including language, physical, cognitive, social, emotional and creativity skills.Our classes are designed specifically to be developmentally appropriate and to function on a multi-sensory level, visual, auditory and kinesthetic (touch based) activities.

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