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The Little Republic
C 10 Jawahar Lane, Jawahar Nagar, Trivandrum -10, Jawahar Nagar
Jawahar Nagar
Nisha(Head of the school)
Little Republic is the ideal place when the child is back from school. A care taker picks your child up from the bus stop closest to the daycare and holds her hand (and bag) as she walks her "home". Once at the daycare, the teachers help her unwind as she changes into comfortable clothes, washes up and gets ready for lunch. Lunch is served and the children giggle and share their day's events as they have their lunch the teachers sometimes need to help them finish, the children enjoy that attention. This is quiet time the after-schoolers may prefer to read or engage in quiet activities instead of a nap. After the snack and time, the kids get ready for more fun.

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