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Pre-school for age group

Usually Montessori education is given from two and a half years of age. 2-6 yrs is the ideal age to be enrolled into a Montessori school. It is the right time for kids to get the maximum benefit out of the Montessori activities.
The activities are broadly classified into 4 sections.

Exercise of Practical Life, (EPL)




EPL activities include taking care of self & the environment and development of proper social manners & behavior...

Sensorial activities helps in the overall development of a child giving special focus to the various senses - i.e. tactile, visual, acoustic, olfactory, muscular, gustus, etc...

Arithmetic and Language activities lay the foundation for the mathematical and communicative skills of the child...

For a new child, preliminary activities are given at first to settle him/her down, followed by EPL and Sensorial activities simultaneously... and at a later stage, Arithmetic & Language will be introduced( i.e. only when the child is prepared adequately - both physically and mentally)
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