• FIITJEE Science Quiz 2017
  • 9 to 15
  • 01-06-2017 to 31-12-2017
  • State
  • Online
  • http://www.thesciencequiz.com/
  • The 2017 edition of Science has not only gone digital but also spread over almost 8 months with league rounds for 6 months and a grand Finale in comparison to previous years’ 2 stages. The 2017 edition has lots more exciting prizes to be won by young science enthusiasts. The new structure of Science Quiz 2017 is as follows.

    Round 1: Registration and Preparation Register for the science Quiz 2017 at www.thesciencequiz.com using your Gmail ID and mobile number (whatsApp Number). This Gmail ID is to be used for all future logins and the Mobile number will be used for any future communication regarding Science Quiz 2017. There are 6 Monthly League Rounds and for each month a topic will be announced. The monthly SQ Magazine based on the topic of the month will be made available to all participants through - direct download from S Q website

    Round 2: Participation and SQ Coin collection There will be 2 Quizzes every month based on the Topic of the month These quizzes will be opened for all registered Participants on every 12th and 27th of the month. The intimation of the same will be sent to your RMN. The quiz will be open for 3 days only hence par ticipants are advised to attempt as soon they get intimation. In Science Quiz 2017 for each correct answer Science Quiz Coins (SQ Coins) will be awarded Each

    Quiz will have 500 SQ coins.

    Round 3: Validation Round Before Mega Event After 6 monthly League rounds (12 Quizzes) Participants have to collect their SQ Coin certificates to take part in the Mega Live Quiz. But before that they have to go through a validation round. This will be another quiz where questions will be from the 12 quizzes conducted so far. The purpose of this quiz is to bring the genuine participants in the final event. based on the Performance in this quiz your SQ coin tally will be moderated (multiplying by Genuinety factor)

    Round 4: Final Mega Live Quiz All eligible Participants after validation round will go to an On Stage Live Quiz. The winners of the Live Quiz will be awarded the Mega Prize of Science 2017. Each participant will be rewarded according to the SQ coins they have at the end of event. in the Science Quiz 2017 each participant is a winner and every participant will be given some Prize.

    Last Date There is NO last date for the competition.

    Eligibility The Quiz is open for all the students presently in class VI, VII, VIII, IX & X.

    Any student having minimum required SQ coins after Validation round will get chance to be the part of Final Quiz. Moreover there are some BONUS POINTS with each Quiz you attempt. As you know each Quiz is of 500 SQ Coins. There will be 200 Bonus SQ Coins for attempting the Quiz on DAY 1 and getting more than 90% correct.

    Validation round and Genuinety factor Since Science Quiz 2017 is an online quiz in league rounds it is very important as organisers to ensure genuine and worthy participants win the Prizes. The validation round is to ensure that student who have attempted the quizzes seriously and honestly go through the final round. In this round an Objective Type Quiz will be conducted at the venue. The Questions of this quiz will be from Quizzes conducted in the league round only. the students who attempted the league round will find it very easy to perform in this round. Based on your score in the validation Quiz your coin number will be moderated by a genuinity factor to reach the final coins he or she will carry before final rounds. Your Score in Validation Quiz more than 90% 1 75% to 90% 0.8 50% to 75% 0.5 less than 50% 0.1

    for example if your SQ Coins before this Quiz are 9000 and you score 81% your coin count now will be 9000 x 0.8 =7200 SQ Coins. If your coin count after this quiz is more than 4000 SQ Coins you go to the Final round else based on SQ Coins you can claim Prize from the reward list. Remember in this edition of Science Quiz every one is a winner if you have desire to learn science and dedication to excel in Science. Each students who will be eligible to come for Mega Live Event will be rewarded with some Prize for his enthusiasm and efforts.

    Prizes to be won
    Laptop Tablets Mobile Music Player Goodie Bag

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