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The Gift of Reading

Do your kids curl up in front of television shows during weekends? Reading a book is any day better than watching television. Exposure to books and to reading should be an integral part of every child’s daily routine.

Do your kids ask you endless questions about where they came from and why the rainbow is colorful? Keep that sense of curiosity and wonder alive in their little minds. Encourage them to look up answers to their questions in dictionaries, encyclopedias, books of facts and every other reference book that they can get hold of.

Do libraries really help children be more successful in life? You bet. It is a well known fact that children who grow up with a love for books have improved attention spans, better concentration, self confidence, good linguistic skills and well developed minds. Libraries provide children with information and resources not available at home. They also help you find the right books for your children at every age.

The new children’s library has a wide collection of books by popular children’s authors of all times. We plan to offer a variety of fun events for children from time to time – story telling, reading aloud, puppet shows, magic performances and much more.

We will also keep your kids motivated to read with contests like the Reader of the Month and the Best Book Review of the Month.

Choose the best gift for your child – the Joy of Reading!

Finally, First Quiz Buzz result announced

Finally, the much awaited results of Schoolkutti QuizBuzz are out! Out of all the children who participated in the contest, x have sent in right answers to all the questions. From these correct entries, three have been randomly chosen as the lucky winners.

The names of the winners are listed here along with the correct answers to the questions and explanations.
The winners can collect the gift vouchers worth Rs. 200/- from Premier Office Equipment Co.

We are coming up with many more interesting contests for kids. Do keep visiting to participate.
Hearty Congratulations to those who won the prizes! And a Big Thanks to all the students who participated in this first version of Schoolkutti QuizBuzz.

Last, but not the least, don’t forget to check out the second contest that will be open from tomorrow. Quiz Buzz Started

The wait is finally over…..the first online quiz contest for school students in Trivandrum, the Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz, is now live at We hope these weekly quiz contests will trigger interest, broaden awareness and provide entertainment for our children. We, at Schoolkutti strongly believe in motivating and creating success for every learner.

Ready to face the challenge? Participating is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – Click to choose the right answers to every question, provide your contact details and submit.

For more info about the quiz, go to

Do you have any suggestions for improving Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz ? We would love to get your feedback.
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Please write to us at

One more day to Quiz Buzz

Still counting days eh? Wow….just One day to go for the first Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz contest. At Schoolkutti, we are thinking of interesting ways to make learning and competing fun for you. We are inviting school students from 8 to 16 around the city to participate in our first Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz contest to be launched on 4th August 2013 at the web site.

Participating is easier than ever. Just visit our website between August 4th and August 10th, attempt our picture quiz and send us your contact details….just remember, only one submission per student per contest. From all those smart kids who send in right answers, three lucky winners will be chosen for the gift vouchers from our sponsor.

For more details, check out where you will find contest terms and conditions. The contest questions will appear in the same place on August 4th.

Happy quizzing, and good luck :)

Count down has started

Think you can become champion of the newest online quiz contest for school children in Trivandrum? The countdown has begun. Only four days left for the first session of Schoolkutti Quiz Buzz !!!! This time its a picture quiz and the questions will be based on General Knowledge. Compete, Learn, Have Fun and Win Prizes (the sponsor for this month’s prizes are Premier Office Equipment Co, the leading supplier of School and Office Stationery)

For more details, visit

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Developing a love for reading : The best gift for your child

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss
As a parent, it is your important to start your kid on a lifelong love of reading. Reading is not only a good hobby to pass time. It has a whole lot of benefits, some of which are building vocabulary, fostering creativity, boosting self confidence, relieving stress, improving memory and knowledge. You should play the biggest role in helping your children to become interested in reading and in fostering their reading skills since you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Reading to your child, helping him or her select books appropriate for his or her age, establishing a reading time, taking your child to libraries and reading clubs etc are some of the ways you can help develop their reading interest and skills.

Access to a library full of engaging books inspires children to read, learn and explore. We have some good libraries for children in the city, check out the list at Libraries. Periodic family visits to the libraries can go a long way, so make it part of your regular routine.

Reading alone is wonderful, but joining a reading club gives your child a chance to meet kids of similar tastes and experience books in a whole new way. Discussing and sharing thoughts on a book can open up different viewpoints and valuable insights. We have put together a list of reading clubs in the city here
Reading Clubs.

So enjoy reading with your child, there’s sure to be many interesting books around for your little bookworm’s taste.