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New arrivals in Schoolkutti library

Great news for all our little readers……lots of new books just hit the shelves at the Children’s Library.


Here are some of the gems that we have added to our collection.
- More of Percy Jackson
- P G Wodehouse Series
- More Geronimo Stiltons
- Board books for toddlers
- Junior Classics
- Titles by Satyajit Ray and Salman Rushdie
- and many many more…..

Come, check out these new arrivals and join the summer reading fun….at Children’s Library!

Story Time Children’s Library

Which child does not love stories? Storytelling teaches children how to concentrate, visualize and remember a sequence of events. Moreover, story telling plays an important role in early literacy and language development. Have your children come and listen to fascinating and captivating stories that will spark their imaginations! Its going to be a fun filled and interactive session at 10 AM on Jan 19 at Children’s Library, with Aswathy Karnaver of Blue Sky Children’s Club. There will also be an opportunity for interested kids to participate in a recitation competition and win prizes.

Click here to know more.
aswathy_story_jan19 Children’s Library provides reading space and a fine collection of books for children of different age groups. Special events like story telling sessions, book reading events, craft programs and many literary contests are also organized to cater to parents and children.

You can register online here.

The Gift of Reading

Do your kids curl up in front of television shows during weekends? Reading a book is any day better than watching television. Exposure to books and to reading should be an integral part of every child’s daily routine.

Do your kids ask you endless questions about where they came from and why the rainbow is colorful? Keep that sense of curiosity and wonder alive in their little minds. Encourage them to look up answers to their questions in dictionaries, encyclopedias, books of facts and every other reference book that they can get hold of.

Do libraries really help children be more successful in life? You bet. It is a well known fact that children who grow up with a love for books have improved attention spans, better concentration, self confidence, good linguistic skills and well developed minds. Libraries provide children with information and resources not available at home. They also help you find the right books for your children at every age.

The new children’s library has a wide collection of books by popular children’s authors of all times. We plan to offer a variety of fun events for children from time to time – story telling, reading aloud, puppet shows, magic performances and much more.

We will also keep your kids motivated to read with contests like the Reader of the Month and the Best Book Review of the Month.

Choose the best gift for your child – the Joy of Reading!

New Children’s Library Inaugurated

Finally, a rich collection of story books, encyclopedias and other reference material is available to the children in Trivandrum. The Children’s Library was inaugurated on December 22, 2013 by Ms. Khyrunnisa A, the author of the ButterFingers’ series.


Once the ribbon was cut and the lamp was lit to officially mark the library open, children rushed towards the book shelves to grab books by their favorite authors.


The inaugural function was followed by a delightful and interactive session of story reading by the author. The kids had the best time ever and all the moms and dads were beaming.


The library offers a wide variety of books for children by authors such as Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Geronimo Stilton, and Jeff Kinney, to name a few. Services, activities and contests related to reading promotion will be offered by the library from time to time.